ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam continues its triumphal procession

AFFING – 20 November 2020 – After winning the Red Dot Award and the Plus X Award for »Best Product of the Year 2020« in the product category »Surveillance Systems«, the ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam was able to convince another distinguished jury of experts this year: The wireless camera received the Gold Award of the German Design Award 2021 in the category »Excellent Product Design – Building and Elements«.

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize of the German Design Council. Their goal is to discover, showcase and recognise unique design trends. As such, high-calibre submissions from the fields of product and communication design – all of which play a pioneering role within the international design landscape in their own way – are honoured every year. The German Design Awards, which were initiated in 2012, are amongst the world’s most renowned design awards and enjoy a prestigious reputation that extends well beyond specialist circles.

In order to appropriately reflect the diversity of our design culture, the German Design Awards are split into the categories of »Excellent Product Design«, »Excellent Communications Design« and »Excellent Architecture«. These encompass all areas of daily life. In each of the award categories, the distinctions »Gold«, »Winner« and »Special Mention« are presented.

ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam at the top of the podium

The »Gold« distinction of the German Design Awards, that the ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam also received,  is the highest distinction, awarded for excellent, comprehensive and innovative design work. As leading trailblazers, »Gold« title holders provide crucial stimulation for entire industries. The jury names one or more »Gold« recipients in each category, depending on the quality of the submissions.

The ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam – a modern interpretation of a surveillance camera

The ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam combines – in line with the principle »form follows function« – exceptional minimalist design with great ease of use and innovative functionality, e.g. a rechargeable battery capable of up to 13 months of operation and clear colour pictures day and night. The jury of the German Design Award honors it with »Gold« and justifies its decision as follows:

»The surveillance camera can be discreetly integrated in many architectural styles and surroundings. It is hardly noticeable, thanks to its plain, minimalist design and very compact dimensions. At the same time, it is fitted with cutting-edge technology and despite its very small size, it is highly functional. Thanks to its battery operation and wireless WLAN connection, the camera is capable of flexible and uncomplicated placement wherever it is needed. An uncompromisingly styled device that perfectly embodies the aspiration to quality and modern aesthetics down to the last detail.«

Product designer Simon Busse conceived the product together with ABUS and emphasizes the functional idea behind the design of the camera: »The ABUS Wi-Fi Battery Cam is flat in shape and horizontally aligned and thus enables installation even in previously inaccessible positions – under the eaves at great heights or flat on room edges.«