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  • Very durable HIGH cable seal security.
  • seals with a diameter of 3.5 mm or 5.0mm
  • aluminum alloy resistant To corrosion
  • easy to tighten by hand, however removing the seal requires the use of a tool for cutting.
  • seal cord welded only at the end, after the intersection will delaminate, making it impossible re-closing the seal.
  • Available in red, blue, green, black colors.

Tearing Strength:

  • LINK SAL G 1.5 m: > 200 kg
  • LINK SAL G 2.5 m: > 500 kg
  • LINK SAL G 3.5 m: > 1000 kg
  • LINK SAL G 5.0 m: > 1700 kg

Operations and use:

  • sealing means of transport, warehouses/containers, barrels, cabinets, valves.
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