• A reusable electronic seal with a high level of security thanks to access to the online platform allows for real-time monitoring of transports.
  • Thanks to the GPS system built into the seal, it is possible to remotely issue commands to open/close the seal – keyless system.

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  • immediate access to information about the vehicle’s location
  • real-time transport monitoring:
    • device location
    • closing/opening status
    • enclosure tampering status
    • battery level
  • seal violation alarms
  • geo-fencing, designating zones and corridors crossing
  • alarm about the appearance of a vehicle outside designated route
  • ability to issue commands remotely opening/closing the seal (system keyless)
  • clear visualization of vehicle management
  • ability to generate and send configurable reports (daily, monthly etc.).
  • body: aluminum alloy, stainless steel type 304, rubber housing
  • dimensions:        with bow – 8×4.5×10 [cm]
    • with rope – 9×4.5×12 [cm
    • bail and cable diameter – 8mm
  • display: 5mm tempered glass
  • protection level – IP67
  • location: precise range up to 10m, Ublox GPS module.
  • methods of opening the seal:
    • RFID card SMS
    • web platform
    • mobile application
    • Bluetooth
    • numeric code
  • built-in memory for offline operation
  • electronic lock
  • communication: GPRS GSM (2G or 4G), RFID, Bluetooth, SMS.
  • battery capacity – 10,000mAh
  • battery life: 17,500 messages/ on one charge
  • work environment:
    • temperature: -30oC to +70oC
    • humidity: 95%

Operations and use:

  • sealing means of transport, containers, railway wagons
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